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Looking back in time

The Leicester Cathedral is one of the oldest cathedral in the World. The church as first constructed by Normans. They began the construction of the St martins church dating back around 900 years ago. This church was later enlarged between the 13th and 15th centuries. For this reason, it became a civil church having strong links with the guilds and also the merchants. Well, over 100 years ago, a Victorian Architect by the name of Raphael Brandon, was able to rebuild this church. He included the addition of a 220 spire. When this church was re established in 1927, it was in this yeas that it became the Leicester cathedral. Here is the History of the Leicester Cathedral in details:

In Leicester city, the first Anglo Saxon Bishop of Cuthwine came in 680 AD, with an Anglo Saxon building. This church will later be dedicated to the a fourth century saint, St Martin. He was a roman Soldier who later converted to Christianity and lived a holy life. 200 years later, the church got an invasion by Danes in 870 AD. And chased the bishop away. For this reason, Leicester was left without a bishop. In the year 1072, the Normans were able to put the residents of Leicester shire under the care of the bishop in Lincoln. Later, under the bishop on Peterborough.

In the 13th century, the church was then reconstructed as the Leicester Abby. The Abby was then appointed Vicar at the St Martins. In this same century, the Great South Aisle was also added. This enlarged the church further. In the 15th century, the chancel and navel were also extended. It then became a ''civic church'', having strong links with the merchants and also the guilds in the area.

During the Reformation, the St Martin was completely stripped off of its stained glass, vestments and the statues. Between 1642 and 1634, this church was visited by King Charles 1. The spire then was added to the Norman tour back in 1757. The Victorians later restored this church very well. The church towers and roof were rebuilt, adding a new 220 feet spire and guided roof screen which were then added in 1860. In the year 1927, Leicester was able to appoint its first Bishop and thus the church of St Martin became a complete Leicester Cathedral.  This is also only minutes away from Fresher Carpets Leicester.

In Britain, the Leicester Cathedral is the only Cathedral in Britain with a memorial. The King Richard the third was buried there. He died at the Battle of Bosworth Field back in 1485. His body as then buried in the church yard, the church of Grey. For many years, there were many speculations that King Henry the seventh body had been dug up and thrown into river Soar. But according to recent excavations by archaeologists, they excavated the remains of King Henry the seventh. The remains were later kept in Leicester Cathedral back on March 26th the year 2015.

Some important dates to note

316 to 317 AD : the life of St Martin

680 AD : Cuthwine first Anglo Saxon Bishop

870 AD :The Invasion by the Danes and chasing the Bishop away

1072 AD : Normans putting the residents of Leicester under the bishop of Lincoln

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